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Welcome To Poker Night at your BWW

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Quick Tips & Guide Information

Tournament Times:

  • 7pm & 9:00pm (two per night).

Tournament Director:

  • $25+ Tab if it is a Customer who is volunteering their time to run your poker promotion. 

General Overview:

  • Each tournament will last 2 – 2 ½ hours.

  • This is LIVE poker with real cards and chips (not electronic).

  • Each tournament will play down to 1 winner (others are “knocked out” along the way).

  • It is always free to play (no gambling).

  • We recommend a minimum age of 18 to participate.

  • This should be a fun and exciting event (never too serious).

  • This promotion is for Customers only and you can enforce a No Loitering Policy if you feel necessary (we can assist).

Server and Sales Tips

Maximizing sales during a poker tournament is a bit different than the general sports crowd. It is important that the server constantly “works” the tables, gets to know the players/customers and makes them feel very welcome each week. Venues that follow this philosophy are generally the most successful.

For Servers

  • Announce “who needs a drink/food” every 10 minutes. Players often get consumed by the game.

  • Players will rarely leave the table to go to the bar so it is important to regularly check on them.

  • When players order food, slide an empty chair/stool next to them. The tables are tight, so often they can’t fit their food in front of  them.

  • Remember that players get knocked out during the game, so they may not be in the same seat when you return with their order.

Customers Arrive Early

As a league, we incentivize players/customers to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the game. Please note that these customers
will often head to a different part of the restaurant to order food and/or a drink. As players get knocked out, they may head to different parts of the restaurant.


If you have questions during the game, please check with the Tournament Director.

If you have questions outside of the game, please contact us:

Get general rules for playing and more info at

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