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Let's help our communities this summer!

Chips for Charity benefits local animal shelters, SPCA's, teachers, classrooms, and students across the country. Since World Tavern Poker is the world's largest poker community, let's all work together to help out some great causes in our local areas!

TD's & Venues: Please select one of the programs below

PLAYERS: If your TD is not running Chips for Charity at your bar, tell them you'd love to step up and help manage this worthwhile promotion.

Chips for Pets

There are several adoption and shelter services that operate all over the country. Be sure to pick several if your bar collects many of the below items - spread the wealth!

Items to collect include:

-- Dog Leash

-- Cat or Dog Collar

-- Water or Food Bowl

-- Blankets (used is fine!)

-- Pack of Tennis Balls

-- Durable Toys (non-plush)

Chips for Teachers

There are also several ways to give back to our teachers, students, and classrooms. Be sure to pick several if your bar collects many of the below items - spread the wealth!

Items to collect include:

-- Pack of Pencils or Pens

-- Pack of Glue Sticks

-- Box of Tissues

-- Pack of Hole-Punched Paper

-- Spiral Notebooks

-- 4-pack Toilet Paper

Bonus Starting Chips!

Your Tournament Director or venue will select one of the programs above. Please bring items listed for that program.


Bring 1 listed item to a participating Chips For Charity bar, and you'll receive 2,000 extra chips for 1 game that night. Bring 2 or more listed items, and you'll get 2,000 extra chips for both games that night. These extra chips do NOT count towards your Bonus Chip Program maximum!


We encourage you to bring as many listed items as you can to the games at participating bars. These items go to great causes!

The Contest

PLEASE REMEMBER: Chips For Charity is a wonderful way to give back during the summer months, and helping those in need is its own reward. But in order to get more items donated, we're offering ways of saying thank you for your donations.


For every 25 items that a participating bar donates, that bar receives:


-- One entry into a drawing for 1 of 10 Party & Poker Access Passes to the WLPC in Vegas!

-- Certificate of thanks to display at your bar


But don't stop at 25 items! There's no limit to the amount of entries you can receive.


Simply send us proof of your donated items by Monday, September 25th. The drawing will be held on or around Wednesday, September 27th. The winning bars will be notified by email and/or phone.


If your donation location does not provide a receipt, politely ask to have one provided for you. Then, send an email with a copy or photo of the receipt to (you can send multiple emails if needed).

Send & Share Your Photos!

Take weekly photos of your collected items and share them on Facebook! You can also submit Chips For Charity photos to us by posting them directly on our Facebook page (link below).




SUMMER 2017 RESULTS - Over 10,000 items!!!

Our players, TD's, and bars did an AMAZING JOB this summer, donating over 10,000 items to local animal shelters, pet adoption centers, schools, and classrooms. Check out the photo gallery and results below.

Here is the full list of bars that participated - all will be getting a Certificate of Appreciation for taking part. The bars in red won an Access Pass for their bar, to be awarded at a future game.

Acton Bowladrome (TD: Chris Hebert)
Al's Bar (TD: Johnny Nicodeme)
Backyard Grill (TD: Dennis Backhaus)

Badeaux Cajun Kitchen (TD: Virginia Frost)
Beach Bums (TD: Kat Phillips)
Big Apple (TD: Ed Minchello)
Blossom's Restaurant (TD: Deby Jedrey)
Breaktime Billiards (TD: Deby Jedrey)
Buck's Sunday (TD: Cindy Willman)

Buster's Billiards (TD: Sonya Sienerth)
Corner Biergarten (TD: Catherine Kubeny)
County Seat Sports Bar (TD: Catherine Kubeny)
D'Ottavio's (TD: Richard Dasch)
Decoy Lounge (TD: Monica Christian)
Doherty's Irish Pub (TD: Matt Milliken)

Down on Main Street (TD: Donna Martin)
Fishin' Pig (TD: Jerry Roach)
Gate City (TD: Brenda Brewer)
Hangar Bar (TD: Jacqueline Pinnix)
Hi Tops 10 1/2 (TD: Patricia Looney)
Hooters Fairfax (TD: Patrick Finley)
Hot Shots VA (TD: Jeff Carter)
Huntt's Tavern (TD: Kevin Bobish)
Kickback Jack's Mooresville (TD: Johnny Nicodeme)
Laketown Tavern (TD: Johnny Nicodeme)
Last Call Fayetteville (TD: Roger Coleman)
Legends Bar & Grill (TD: Franklin Morgan)

MacDaddy's (TD: Shirley Allard)
Makaha Restaurant (TD: Chris Hebert)
Milt's Rendezvous (TD: Debbie Connolly)
Mister Days (TD: Ed Russell)
Moose Lodge #83 (TD: David Bowen)

O'Brien's Pub (TD: Robin Musser)
On After Pub (TD's: Roger Coleman & Ed Minchello)
Onion Town Grill (TD's: Chris Hebert)
Phat Daddy's (TD's: Stephen Stewart & Larry Roane)
Primetime Sports Bar (TD: Suong Thompson)
Rack-M Billiards (TD: Kat Phillips)
Ryan's Pub (TD: Sue Beaudrow)
Scores Mooresville (TD: Johnny Nicodeme)
Sidelines (TD: Debbie Connolly)

Tailgator's (TD: Lisa McClendon)
The Big Easy (TD: Scott Booth)
The Grillestone (TD: Debra Shapiro)
The Grove (TD: Staci Anna)

The Movies @ Meadville (TD: Paul McNulty)
The Q (TD: Ray Harris)
The Windber Hotel (TD: Koa Beam)

The Windmill Tavern (TD: Angelia Hubble)
Tilted Kilt Nashua (TD: Andrew Freeman)
Treasure Club Asheville (TD: Jim Hilton)

Upper Deck (TD: David Andersen)
Valley Tavern (TD: Rick Pannuty)
VFW #2514 (TD: Walter Westbrook)
VFW #9619 (TD: Monica Christian)
White Oak Bistro (TD: Larry Rhodes)

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