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How The Grinch Went On Tilt

It was late in the game

Down to the final 8

But the Grinch wants a win

Yes a win would be great


He looked at his cards

And saw those 2 aces

This was his chance

To add to his first places


Inside of his head

He became so excited

But he had to keep calm

Though his emotions were ignited


So he bit on his lip

And slumped back in his chair

He would fool them all

And act like he didn’t care


“I will play it real slow

As if I have nothing at all

Then when someone raises all in

I'll trap them with a call!”


Now it’s his turn to act

and the Grinch simply calls

“Ha ha, I’ve got them!”

Until the next player stalls


“I call too” says another,

And so does the next

And the one after him

And the girl in the blue

And the new kid too


“This is perfect” thinks the Grinch

“The chips are on route!”

That is 'til the flop

Reveals 7, 2, 2


“Ha ha” the Grinch screams

"I'm gold, this is mine!"

As a board such as that

I will surely be fine


“I’m all in, I’m all in”

The Grinch shoves in his stack

It folds all around,

to the new kid in the back


He thinks and he ponders

As he tugs on his coat

“I call” he says soundly

“I have a full boat”


The face of the Grinch

Went from red to bright blue

Sure enough the kid had it

He called with 7, 2


“How can you do that!”

The Grinch started to scream

“It is your fault I lost

You have ruined my dream!”


“But wait just a minute”

The kid said with a grin

“You helped me to beat you

When you simply limped in”


“You see Mr. Grinch,

Poker is a game of skill

If you learn from each play

You might not get so ill”


So the Grinch sat and pondered

And stared in a daze

“This kid could be right

I really should have raised!”


And all of a sudden

Like a flash in the sky

The Grinch worked on his game

And his rankings started to rise


And from that day forward

He had fun with every hand

Because he plays World Tavern Poker

The largest poker league in the land.


But we couldn’t be #1

Without the awesome players & TDs

Together we have created

The world’s biggest poker family!



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