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Responsibilities - Compensation - Getting Started



PROSPECTING: Contacting potential venues in your territory and introducing them to the benefits of bringing World Tavern Poker to their venue.

SALES VISITS: Often we will receive a lead or interest from a venue in your territory. In this case, our team will have already spoken to the venue, and if there is enough interest at that point, we will ask you to stop by and offer additional insight and ‘close’ the sale.


Once you have secured a new venue, Customer Service comes in to play.



MARKETING: Assisting your customers in marketing their Poker Promotion which may include hanging up their posters and flyers or posting their graphics on social media.

KICK-OFF EVENT: Attending their first event (possibly being the TD) to ensure they kick-off their promotion on the right foot.

ONGOING SUPPORT: Ensuring their games are going well, attendance is up, they are up to date on payments, and they continue to market their poker night.

REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: Assist in running the Regional Championships (yes, you can still play!)



NEW VENUE BONUS: From $100-$200 per new venue

RESIDUAL REVENUE: Up to 20% of the monthly revenue from each venue

EXCLUSIVE TERRITORY: Considered after you recruit 3 new venues.

WTP OPEN / WLPC: Free Access Passes to these events (if you are current) and to become part of the Event Team (if you would like to be)



PLAYER DISCIPLINE: Some players/TD’s may come to you with other players who may be an issue at one of the venues you manage. Simply tell those players to contact the Home Office – you can forward concerns, but you cannot meter out judgments (only the Home Office can).

"RUNNING THE PROMOTION": While being an Indy Rep has its benefits, you are not responsible for the operation of the games. Even if you’re a TD, follow all WTP guidelines – Indy Reps do not have the ability to run promotions independently of the league.



PROMOTION PACK: To get started, there is a cost of $99 for which you will receive you Indy Rep Kit (details below). Why? Because I learned long ago that when you don’t have anything invested, you will not put forth the effort. We are looking for individuals who truly want to become part of our team.

TRAINING PROGRAM COMPLETED: The Virtual Training Program is a 3-hour program during which you will learn Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service. The Sales Training alone is worth the commitment.

NON-COMPETE: We will ask each Independent Representative to sign a Non-Compete that is specific to Poker in Bars within 20 miles of your territory. Basically, you can’t sign up, get fully trained, and go out on your own (believe it or not, that has happened to us before).



Your Indy Poker Rep Kit Includes,

Marketing Kit

  • Sales Brochures

  • Custom Rep Labels (your info)

  • Marketing Supplies (posters, etc)

Indy Rep Polo Shirt

3-Hour Training Program 

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer Service

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 How Are Territories Determined?

Each territory is determined by County or Counties and must not currently have a Franchisee or Independent Representative operating within it.

Is My Territory Exclusive

Not at first. In order have exclusive rights, you must first secure 3 new venues. At that time, we will speak with you to (need something here that it’s not guaranteed and we will need to interview)


Will There Be Other Reps In My Territory To Start?

No. Counties will be provided on a first come/first serve basis and you will have 90 days to gain your first customer. If that is not reached, then the territory will be open to any other interested players.

When / Where Is The Training?

We will schedule two Virtual Trainings to begin. If you are unable to make either, then you will have to wait until a new training is scheduled to begin the program.


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