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Amazing! Nearly 1,200 players have joined us online in the first 4 weeks! Keep an eye out as we have changes and new additions coming out every month!

This is a great way to not only support the League but to also continue playing the game we love while staying connected to our poker family.

NOTE! You must FIRST click Join Now to choose your plan. After you complete that process you can go to Member Login.

Compete At Different Online Bars, 7 Days A Week... Right From Your Sofa!

here's how it works


World Tavern Poker ONLINE is a monthly subscription that gives you the opportunity to play in up to 140 Tournaments a month, compete for great prizes, earn National Ranking points, and support the League and the WTP community during this downtime.

Daily Tournaments

We will have a minimum of 4 Tournaments every day that Pro subscribers can play in. Most tournaments will follow the World Tavern Poker regular structure, but a few will have some twists such as deep-stack and rebuy events.

We have created 5 online Bars for each day of the week. In essence, each tournament of the day is it's own online bar and online Tavern Ranking.

For example, the 12:00pm game each day is for the Noonerz Sports Grille online bar. You will be competing at each individual online bar to qualify for the monthly Championship event.

Points & Rankings

The Top 30 in each tournament will receive points that will go towards your ranking in that online bar as well as your National Ranking (50-player point cap per game, to keep online play consistent for the return to play at live bars).

Click here for the FULL points system. Any points game that has at least 50 players will use this points breakdown.

PLUS! The Top 3 from each qualifying tournament will also qualify for the next online TOC (once the league is fully reopened).

Scores will be updated within 24-48 hours of each game. Each online bar's ranking will appear in your My Rankings page on the WTP website just like a normal bar ranking.

Setting Up Your Account

For both the Free and Pro accounts, you will need to use THE SAME USERNAME AS YOUR WORLD TAVERN ACCOUNT. If you do not do this, we will have no idea who you are to award points! See "THE PROCESS" below for more details on what to do after purchasing your subscription.

The Prizes

Prizes are awarded in the monthly Championship event. The Top 10% of those who play in the event (just like Regionals) win some great prizes! A full list can be found further down on this page (or click here to go there directly).


Registering For Games

For each game, you will need to register on under the Online Region and the appropriate bar.

The Championships/Qualifying

On the 3rd Sunday of each month, at 5 pm EDT, we will host the monthly online Championship event with great prizes!

Players will qualify for the online Championship event similar to how you qualify for the Regional Championships. 

  • Top 20 Ranked Players At Each Online Venue

  • Top 30% Ranked Players In The Online Region


getting started

World Tavern Pro

For $25 you will have access to play in over 125 online events from March 26th through April 30th WITH NO LIMITATIONS!


This is absolutely the fastest path to the Championship, Prizes, upgrading your National Ranking, and certainly having the most fun.



Free Version

Play in 3 tournaments a week;

Mon/Wed/Fri @ 3pm. 

You will still receive points for all 3 games if you finish in the Top 20.

Please note that if you choose the free option, and decide to upgrade, it could take up to 2 days for your account to be updated.

All World Tavern Online plans require a credit or debit card to create an account.

Click here for full Terms and Conditions.


Want to join the PRO version but want to see how the software works first? NO PROBLEM! All PRO ACCOUNTS will be given a full day to try it out before your card is charged!  

GOT A QUESTION? Please check out the FAQs below first, then if need more help you can email

The Process

STEP 1.  Select the PRO or FREE version above

STEP 2.  Complete the Registration and Payment pages

STEP 3.  Follow the link on your confirmation email


Please Note That YOU DO NOT NEED A VALIDATION CODE when logging into the online site.

Registering For Tournaments

STEP 1.  Go to and register for the appropriate tournament under the ONLINE LEAGUE REGION for the current month. If you don't, you will not receive points.

STEP 2.  Click here to register for the tournament on the software site. 

STEP 3.  Click on the tournament you would like to play and click REGISTER.

NOTE: There are all kinds of cool settings you can adjust, so play around with it. We will also be putting out a Player's Guide with more details on the settings.

The Rules

The Prizes


Regular WTP rules on behavior apply. Anyone found to be berating other players via chat will be issued a warning to stop. If it persists, they will be subject to dismissal from all Online events without refund.


Players start each online game with 15,000-25,000 stacks  and blinds will run 12-15 minutes along with the standard WTP structure unless otherwise noted.

NOTE: Feel free to post selfies of yourself in your WTP gear while playing online! Click here to post directly to our Facebook page.

During play, you can hover over where your cards were to see them after folding (or pressing the screen where the cards were on mobile).

You can play in multiple tournaments at one time. Each game opens inside the same browser tab. You can move the games around the screen on a desktop/laptop. On mobile, there is a "next" option to switch between active tables.

Each Online Championship offers prizes for the top 15 finishers. We know not everyone can make it to the WLPC in Vegas this fall, so we have given you the option of packages or electronics!

1st Place: 2020 WLPC VIP Package OR 65" Samsung SmartTV  (up to $750 prize value)

  • VIP PACKAGE includes 5 nights hotel (Sat-Thur) and (2) VIP All-Access Passes

2nd Place: 2020 WLPC Hotel Package OR Sony PS4 Gaming System (up to $500 prize value)

  • Hotel Package includes 4 nights hotel (Sun-Thur) and (2) All-Access Passes.

3rd Place: 2020 WLPC Hotel Package OR Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch (up to $350 prize value)

  • Hotel Package includes 3 nights hotel (Mon-Thur) and (1)  All-Access Pass

4th Place: 2 WLPC Access Passes and WLPC Main Event Buy-in OR Ring Video Doorbell (up to $300 prize value)

5th thru 8th Place: 2 2020 WLPC Access Passes OR $100 Gift Card (up to $170 prize value)

9th thru 15th Place: 1 2020 WLPC Access Pass or $50 Gift Card (up to $85 prize value)

The Online Taverns & Schedules


Remember: You will be competing each day in online venues where you will receive points, rankings and the chance to advance to the monthly Championship. We also have some FUN venues for the weekend that won't be for points, but it will be a blast!

All Times Are Eastern Daylight

For Points & Fun


Noonerz Bar & Grill

12:00pm - 7 Days a Week

15k Stack / 15 min blinds

Day Drinkers' Tiki Bar

3:00pm - 7 Days a Week

15k Stack / 15 min blinds

The Twisted River Pub

7:00pm - 7 Days a Week

15k Stack / 12 min blinds

The Muck Lounge

9:30pm - 7 Days a Week

Rebuy Tournament

15k Stack / 12 min blinds

1 Rebuy for the first hour

The Alligator Bar @ The Orleans

11:30pm - 7 Days a Week

Deepstack Tournament

25k Stack / 15 min blinds

Weekend Warrior's Sports Pub

Saturday & Sunday

8:00am - Standard Tournament

15k Stack / 15 min blinds

30 Min Late Registration

10:00am - Speed Poker Tournament

15k Stack / 12 min blinds

15 Min Late Registration


1:00pm - Omaha Variations

Sat = Pot Limit / Sun = NL Omaha

15k Stack / 12 min blinds

30 Min Late Registration

Hannah's Omaha, Razz, More!

5:30pm - Monday thru Sunday

A different game during the work week! Games include Omaha, Razz, Pot-Limit Omaha, STUD, and Limit Hold'em

Please keep in mind that we will be updating the site often and making adjustments as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why do I need a Credit Card to choose the free version?


By implementing this policy, it will eliminate people trying to disrupt the game by joining under multiple free accounts and playing recklessly over and over again. Click here for the full Terms and Conditions for more information.

I signed up on the World Tavern website like I would for a game at my bar. Is that enough to play online?


No! You must ALSO click Member Login on this website (see above), and log into the online software. Register for the games you wish to play there as well.

How often am I charged for the PRO version?

This is a monthly subscription that will automatically bill each 30 days (from the day you joined).

How do I cancel or make changes to my Membership?

Simply CLICK HERE and log in to your online account to make any changes to your membership or payment options.


I finished in the Top 20 of an online league game. Why didn’t I get my points?


We cannot stress this enough: you must do the following or you will NOT get points!


>> Your Online username MUST be the same username as your WTP players' account.


>> Register for Online games on the World Tavern website just like you would for a regular tavern game.


Is this software mobile friendly?

YES! Almost all of the features are the same no matter what device you use to play. Obviously, mobile device use will be slightly different from playing on a desktop or laptop (iPhones have some challenges because they don't work with frames well). Remember, use the software's buttons to access different areas. Hitting your browser's back button may log you out!


Why are points capped at the 50-player maximum?


Since points earned in Online games count towards National Rankings, we wanted to be fair to your local bars once they resume play.

I want to register for future Online games all at once. Why can’t I?

Registration will be open 4 hours prior to the event start time for all Online games. You can register on the WTP website up to 7 days before the event just like a regular bar tournament.

STILL HAVE A QUESTION? Use the Live Chat Feature or send us an email:

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