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Larry Chavis from North Carolina is your new World Tavern Poker National Champion! Larry bested Sheryl Dorsey heads up to claim the title. Congrats to both of you on an amazing run!

Here are the final 8 results:

1. Larry Chavis, NC

2. Sheryl Dorsey, MD

3. Bill Hinders, IN

4. John Hoetjes, CT

5. Susan Spiess, MD

6. Charles Carter, NM

7. Tom Jones, MD

8. Breck Schwartz, WI

UPDATE! 4:25pm PST: We are down to 6 players! Chip counts were as follows when we reached 8 players remaining:

Larry Chavis, NC -- 3,350,000 chips Bill Hinders, IN -- 695,000 chips Tom Jones, MD -- 605,000 chips John Hoetjes, CT -- 575,000 chips Sheryl Dorsey, MD -- 385,000 chips Susan Spiess, MD -- 345,000 chips Breck Schwartz, WI -- 315,000 chips Charles Carter, NM -- 315,000 chips

UPDATE: 11/11, 2:35pm PST: We are down to our final 17 players in the National Championship FINALS! Stay tuned for chip counts, the final 16 players, and full results!

The Season 1 2015 National Championship Finals are under way at OPEN 21 in Las Vegas! 308 players are all vying for the Top 16, where $25,000 will be on the line!

This is a 2-day event. Play will continue until 4pm PST, when all remaining players will return on Wednesday at 12pm PST.

Stay tuned for updates!!!

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