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COMPLETE! All In Or Fold Tournament

It's one of the most fun and crazy events at OPEN 22 at Mohegan Sun. The All-In Or Fold tournament is complete, with WAYNE CARSON from North Carolina taking the victory after a 9-way chop.

Full results below!

1 Wayne Carson

2 Thomas Monaco

3 Larry Robey

4 Kate Kehr

5 Brian Phan

6 Patrick McGavisk

7 Terry Felrice

8 Chris Hebert

9 Michael Vickers

10 George Payne

11 Matt Hero

12 Baljinder Singh

13 Larry Jones

14 Allen Dellinger

15 Wanda Walters

You have one decision to make - are you All In or do you fold? Check out the action from this awesome event at OPEN 22 from Mohegan Sun Pocono. Stay tuned for updates, results, photos, and much more.

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