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Complete! Deep Stack Championship (11/7)

The Deep Stacked Championship went well into the night on Monday at OPEN 23 and the WLPC. But it was MARK HIGGINS from Redtooth Poker in the UK who earned his 2nd win of the week by besting a field of nearly 150 players. Awesome job Mark!

Check out the full results below.

1 Mark Higgins 2 Osei Ampadu 3 Ray Wise 4 Albert Wong 5 Mike Hagemann 6 Roger Bennett 7 Carlon Perry 8 Penny Zagami 9 Chris Byas 10 Don Hanaumi 11 Kurt Schimmel 12 Kenneth Martin 13 Carl Smahaj 14 Michael Hammond 15 Larry Theis 16 Paul Barber 17 Chris Rhew 18 Chris Bistline 19 Bob Boesl 20 Charles Sweeney


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