All In Or Fold Tournament (May 23rd)

The All In Or Fold Tournament, where players compete in a frantic (yet fun) rebuy & add-on event with 1,000 starting chips and only All-In or Fold decisions, took place at the OPEN 25 Silver Celebration. After 4.5 hours of non-stop craziness, it was DAVE PAMINIANO from Virginia who emerged with the win and the plaque. Great job Dave!

Here are the full results:

1. Dave Paminiano

2. Gerald Heister

3. Michael Cantu

4. Delonio Sykes

5. Chris Pawenski

6. Bruce Finkenbiner

7. Carolyn Mains

8. Michael Venturino

9. Nicholas Siciliano

10. Joseph Schultz

11. Jason Badeaux

12. Thomas Daniele

13. Brian Jones

14. Marlene O'Grady

15. Joseph Dewberry

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