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Patriot Poker Kickoff Tournament (May 23rd)

The Patriot Poker Kickoff Tournament celebrated our amazing Veterans who defend our freedom at the OPEN 25 Silver Celebration. With 279 players taking part, it was ZACHARY SMITH in the chip lead when a 3-way chop of the remaining prize pool was agreed upon. Zach earned the 1st place plaque for his effort - great job!

Here are the full results:

1. Zachary Smith

2. Thomas Gidlow

3. Todd Nasby

4. Chris Bender

5. Johnny Woodbury

6. Ann Martin

7. Jim McKnight

8. Patrick Michael

9. Casey Carter

10. Ronald Clipper

11. James Gill

12. Kevin O'Grady

13. Reggie Johnson

14. Thomas Spano

15. Herbert Heath

16. David Tidaback

17. Larry Roane

18. Arthur Petch

19. Lance Loconti

20. Ray Wise

21. Leslie Lewis

22. Larry Rhodes

23. Wade Rhodes

24. Russell Winner

25. Jacqueline Pinnix

26. Donald Racine

27. Patrick Finley

28. Debra Sullivan

29. Glenn Levine

30. Jason Broadhurst

#OPEN25 #SilverCelebration #PatriotPoker #Veterans #WorldTavernPoker


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