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International Dream Team Event (Nov. 7)

The International Dream Team event produced a team AND individual winner at the 2018 World League Poker Championships. On the team side of things, it was TEAM LEGENDS (John Turpin, David Cozad, Brandon Swisher, and Chris Malone) from the Missouri Legends Poker league who amassed the most points to earn the $1,000 prize AND the sweet acrylic trophies. Great job guys!

On the individual side of things, it was DONALD COLEMAN who earned the victory after a massive chop was finalized between two tables worth of players. Great job Donald!

Here are the full "in the money" results:

1. Donald Coleman

2. Darren Rowan

3. Gail Centanni

4. Rachel Benlisa

5. Cat Scarberry

6. Chris Malone

7. John Turpin

8. Paul Randall

9. Timmy Allard

10. Jeff Hunt

11. Wes Hyman

12. Chris Hebert

13. Gerald Taylor

14. Dennis Whiton

15. Robert Webber

16. Adrian Davidson

17. Ann Williams

18. Jeri Turpin


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