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Sin City Survivor Event (Nov. 7)

The final tournament at the 2018 World League Poker Championships, the Sin City Survivor event saw 106 players compete for one last cash prize in the Vegas desert. After play reached 16 players left, a chop was decided, making chip leader Ronald Fleming the winner of the final WLPC event. Great work Ronald!

Here is the full "in the money" results:

1. Ronald Fleming

2. James Sullivan

3. Alison Leivers

4. Thomas Monaco

5. Matt Wales

6. Vicki Griffith

7. Lynne Litwin

8. Darrell Savage

9. Devan Culbreth

10. Fred Ellis

11. Michael Baselice

12. Kenneth Centanni

13. Donna Kirby

14. David Bottoms

15. Thomas McGee

16. Ray Nunez


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