WTP Survivor Championship

The Survivor Championship at OPEN 26 pitted players in a heat to the finish, where all those 'in the money' earned equal shares of the overall prize pool.

After a lengthy race towards the end of the event, it was PAMELA DODGE who claimed victory with the most chips once play was in the money. Great job Carla!

Here are the full results:

1. Pamela Dodge

2. Walter Olewine

3. Chris Bender

4. Max Dieber

5. Ronald Gagan

6. Dick Macartney

7. Jose Colon

8. John Kresslein

9. Frank Rosner

10. Charles Richards

11. Joshua Abbott

12. Wendy Dietz

13. Carla Rosner

14. Raymond Wise

15. Patrick McGavisk

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