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Patriot Poker Tournament

The Patriot Poker Tournament at OPEN 26 was a celebration of our Veterans and those who keep our great country safe. Thanks to Bayonet Capital, for the second straight year the Top 24 Veterans from this event each earned a share of an extra $10,000 outside of the overall prize pool.

In the main tournament, it was JACK HOUSTON (pictured, right) who bested the 230-player field to emerge with the victory. The longest lasting Veteran was STEVEN IVANS (pictured, left), who finished 10th in the overall field. To you both - congrats!

And to everyone who competed on this day of celebration...great job!

Here are the full results from the Patriot Poker tournament:

1. Jack Houston

2. Al Shapiro

3. Robert Lyke

4. Mark Lovern

5. Corey Gutilla

6. Doris Davis

7. Anne Kensek

8. Linda Vaughan

9. Steve McCullen

10. Steven Ivans

11. Paul McManus

12. Ronald Jakubowski

13. Bernard Volski

14. Robin Musser

15. Max Dieber

16. Scott Booth

17. Suzanne Ivans

18. Jose Colon

19. John Gardiner

20. Coach Hayden

21. James Hunter

22. Marlene O'Grady

23. Howard Hess

24. Mike Cassa

Here are the Top 24 Veterans who all earned their share of an extra $10,000 provided by Bayonet Capital:

1. Steven Ivans

2. Bernard Volski

3. Max Dieber

4. Coach Hayden

5. James Hunter

6. Andrew Brunk

7. Jeff Shumate

8. Gary Thurmond

9. John Carrier

10. William Whetsel

11. Jerry Jarrett

12. Jeff Coon

13. George Morgan

14. Michael Decker

15. Doug Fetters

16. John Hub

17. Paul Miller

18. Charles Sweeney

19. Larry Domin

20. Larry Roane

21. Robert Zurcher

22. Rodney Sams

23. Chrissy Richardson

24. Edward Minchello


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