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Congrats to Last Chance Online National Qualifiers!

April 26, 2024

Happy Friday everyone!


A big congrats to our Last Chance Online National Champ qualifiers who competed last Sunday!


Just under 150 players competed last Sunday on WTP Online for seats to the National Championship Finals at OPEN 31 this November, with the top 5 players earning some awesome additional prizes as well.


It was Joseph Whalen (Hdjoeotr) who took the event down, earning the victory, a seat to the Finals, plus 3 Nights Hotel and 2 Access Passes to the Biggest Poker Party of All Time. Way to go Joe!


Check out all of the winners and National Champ Finals qualifiers below:


2. bkbmccl - Brad McClanahan – Poker & Party Access Pass

3. Diamonds - Dawn Colangeli – Poker & Party Access Pass

4. JP4poker - Jeannette Previdi – Poker & Party Access Pass

5. GirthBrooks - Jonathan Hartsock – Poker & Party Access Pass

6. MJS - MaryJane Schondek

7. katrinal - Katrina Scanlon-Ludwigsen

8. Thumper106 - Jeff Doscher

9. martinrust - Martin Rust

10. dleebroyles - Daniel Broyles

11. rtjohn63 - Reggie Johnson

12. MRFIXIT - George Webb

13. dad2mands - Gene Lee

14. hrh1951 - Howard Hass

15. jmbvegas2 - Jeannette Bloedorn


You can check out full Regionals results on our INFO website as well:


Thanks everyone! 😊



The Team at World Tavern Poker



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