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Congrats to our February Online Winners!

Feb 28, 2023

Hello everyone!

A HUGE congrats to our NEW WTP Online Champions from February – there were quite a few as this was our big quarterly Championship month!

First up, it was DAWN SMITH (dawn2k) who took down the Monthly TD Smackdown event. Way to go Dawn!

Next up is ‘tcalabro’ herself Tina Calabro, who earned the victory in the Monthly Online TOC. Tina took home a $500 Major Event package for the win – excellent work Tina!

It was George Morgan (geomorgan) who emerged victorious in the Monthly Bankroll Championship. George not only secured the Bankroll medallion, but also a $500 Major Event package for the victoty. Nicely done George!

We have seven new Online Season Points Champions and seven new Online Tavern Champions from February, including several players with multiple wins in these categories! Shoutout to Sandra Sturdavant (Wildcard), Cin Bickel (mafeon15), and Rance Strausbaugh (rgsay) on earning multiple honors. The full list of winners is linked below.

And finally, with nearly 100 players taking part, it was Martin Mlodozeniec (Fleetwood) who took down the Quarterly Online National Championship, earning himself a $1,000 Major Event package along with an Online Champion medallion. Phillip Kruhm (Scrappledad) earned second place, taking home a $500 Major Event package and a medallion for his efforts. Way to go gents!


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Thanks all – have a GREAT rest of your week!



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