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Congrats to our Online winners (Regionals, Quarterfinals, Triple Crown!)

September, 25 2023

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a tremendous weekend of WTP Online action as our National Championship Quarterfinals, Online Regionals, and Triple Crown Championships all took place this past Saturday and Sunday.

First off, it was Michael Venturino, Sr. who was the sole survivor in the National Championship Quarterfinals. The player known as “mikeventsr” earned himself a seat at the National Champ Semifinals at OPEN 30 in Las Vegas – nicely done Michael!

Then it was onto the Online Regionals, where New York’s own Orazio Maimone (Razmania) took first place and the 3-night Hotel package for OPEN 30. Robin Green from Pennsylvania (Aharleyhny) and Shyenne Valenzuela from Texas (Shywalker) earned 2nd and 3rd place respectively. All three also earned seats to the National Championship Finals at OPEN 30 – way to go all!

Michael Raymond from New York (Myankees670) took fourth place and earned an Access Pass to OPEN 30 as well. 😊

Finally, the Triple Crown Championship did not disappoint as over 130 players competed for 24 seat packages – a Triple Bundle of Championship Final berths – to OPEN 30. Check out the winners below – awesome job all!

(Note: The players below have all been added to the National Champ and National TOC Finals lists on the OPEN 30 website and are also on our Final 64 Championship roster – more to come on this later!)

Andy Brunk - ATBrunk

Bryan Boyd - Sammyb

Carlos Azcarate - carlosazca

Chris Dudley - cdudley28

Cin Bickel - mafeon15

Ginny Seeger - Iluvchips

Greg Bender - Cuser

Ian Harris - ianharris

Jason Jones - Bigshow5454

Joseph Cacsire - jcacsire98

Juan Antonio Pastora - firetiger

Linda McClure - McClu

Luke Hurley - BigChief

Mark Lovern - playthaflop1

Mike Coloccia - MikeC

Randy Johnson - Naturboy

Ray Wise - wiseguy1

Reggie Johnson - rtjohn63

Roberta Roberts - Pokerlady43

Rod Sams - RodSams

Sam Ips - pokerace

Steve Fleming - Stevefnc

Tim Lambiris - LAMBO40

Tina Calabro – tcalabro

Excellent job to everyone above – and we hope you all have a FANTASTIC week! 😊

The Team at World Tavern Poker


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John Pastora
John Pastora
Sep 28, 2023

Execelent Thank you.

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