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Is Vegas More Expensive?

March 9, 2023


We hear this quite often. Mike here, and I'm here to tell you that when you break down actual costs, it is almost the same price to go to Vegas as to stay on the East Coast. The graphic below breaks that down for you.

We understand there is a convenience factor to many of you – but please remember that we operate in 23 states. So, keep in mind that New Mexico, Alaska, Michigan, New Mexico, and Tennessee might not agree with the convenience part.

Below the graphic are two more sections – things We Know You Are Thinking and Assumptions used to calculate these costs. Please read through - you might even get a laugh or two!

Here is a list of things WE KNOW YOU ARE THINKING (or may have said previously):

"But I only want to go for the Nationals!"

Did you know that less than 20% of players that compete in Nationals or the National TOC don't have Access Passes? If you are one of the 20%, then we understand – but there's only a 20% chance that you are one of them. (LOL, see what I did there?)

"But I lose 2 days of traveling going to Vegas."

I would argue you might lose one day. But the beauty of Vegas is that you pick up 3 hours due to the time change (from the East Coast) heading out there. Have you really lost anything? Other than losing your stack with those pocket Jacks you keep bragging about!

"I have to take more time off from work."

On the East Coast, we always had to start our events on Sunday afternoon - whereas Vegas starts on Saturday. So, if you work Monday through Friday, you aren’t taking any additional time off.

"It’s Vegas baby!"

Don’t get me wrong: Mohegan Sun Poconos was a wonderful venue (staff, rooms, etc.). But unless you were going to the strip club or Denny’s, there really wasn’t anything else to do. Vegas gives you shows, fabulous restaurants, tons of other casinos, and even more strip clubs and Denny’s! (lol)

"Mike’s a jerk and this whole voting thing was rigged!"

Well, it has been scientifically proven that Mike can be a jerk. However, for those of you "conspiracy theorists" out there, why would we have even offered a vote if we wanted one specific choice to win? Oh, and I hate to break the news to those of you who think it was rigged...the Earth ISN'T FLAT and BIRDS ARE REAL! :P

"But the WSOP has dealers!"

Yes, they have a huge staff of dealers that follows them from event to event. We have 2 dealers who kept following me around until the restraining orders came through. #StalkingDealers


Below is a list of assumptions used when preparing any type of financial projection.

Location: 300 Miles

The location we choose will be an average of 300 miles away from your house. Yes, we understand that if you live in Maryland and the event was at Maryland Live, you would be driving 10 miles and not 300. Remember though: we have venues in Tennessee, Western New York, Michigan, North Carolina, and many areas further away.

Travel Cost: 40 Cents per Mile

For tax purposes, 65 cents per mile is used when calculating the cost of driving (gas, tolls, wear and tear on cars, etc.). We used 40 cents/mile in our graphic, which is closer to your true out of pocket expense.

Splitting Driving Costs: 2 Players per Car

We are assuming that most people will share a ride with someone else. Of course, many will travel alone, and others will pack 17 in the back of a delivery truck (lol)! But 2 people per car is a reasonable assumption and we have split that to a per-person travel cost.

Cost For Drinks

Most regional Casinos are now charging for drinks even when gambling – and they are not cheap! Maryland Live is $7 for a bottle of Bud Light and $10 for a mixed drink.

Airfare Cost

We looked at airfare costs from multiple East Coast airports to Las Vegas on the same dates. They ranged from $200 to $500, so we used $400 as our assumption - which is much higher than the average cost.

Hotel Costs: $130/Night

We used the cost of the Springhill Suites, approximately 1 mile from Maryland Live. Staying on property would be over $200/night!



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gary gonzales
gary gonzales
Mar 13, 2023

how can you make a comparison between the cost to vegas at the orleans and an unknown location on the east coast? The borgata in AC hosts games for WPT a room there is 109 a night not counting a possible group package. Why wont the moonshiners pass be the same cost on the east coast.

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