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New Online Champions in August!

Aug 24, 2023

Happy Friday everyone!

As we gear up for the quarterly Online National Championship event this Saturday and another Triple Crown Sunday the day after, check out all of our amazing winners and NEW CHAMPIONS from the month of August – well done all!

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT: Rance Strausbaugh is a machine! The player known as ‘rgsay’ on WTP Online dominated the previous quarter, taking home no less than four (4) Online Season Points Championships by being the top ranked player at four Online venues. Amazing job Rance!

Rance also took home an Online Tavern Championship last weekend and has earned six (yes, 6!!!) Triple Crown medallions over the past number of weeks. Incredible!

TD Smackdown: Rodney Lamontagne (New Hampshire)

Monthly Bankroll Championship:

1. viculp - Vic Culp

2. Iluvchips - Virginia Seeger

3. BAMA86 - Jeff Harris

4. Smiley77 - Christopher Miles

5. lumber557 - Don Guiton

6. millarr - Rich Millar

7. Rainyday8 - Charles Thompson

8. lilone1223x1 - Debra Connolly

9. RodSams - Rod Sams

10. super007 - Lenny Superville

11. THUNDER1890 - Dave George

12. Jglenn37 - Jeff Carter

13. dawn2k - Dawn Smith

14. Cuser - Greg Bender

15. kym - Kim Gabrielson

16. SEA - Sharon Adawin

Online TOC Champion: Jeff Hunt (North Carolina)

Online Season Points Champions:

Donnello - Donnell Oliver; Weekend Warrior

rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh; Noonerz

rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh; Day Drinkers

rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh; Hannah's

rgsay - Rance Strausbaugh; Twisted River

Ericw2676 - Eric Witkowski; The Muck Rebuy

Ericw2676 - Eric Witkowski; The Alligator Bar

Online Tavern Champions:

Weekend Warrior: Rance Strausbaugh (rgsay)

Noonerz: Jeannette Bloedorn (jmbvegas2)

Day Drinkers: Steve Ivans (Ivans)

Hannah's: Gary Thurmond (Gman1956)

Twisted River: John Gallagher (Moose)

The Muck: Christopher Fitzgerald (Cdxchase10)

Alligator Bar: Mark Lovern (playthaflop1)

Have an amazing weekend everyone! 😊



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