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New Swag Coming to OPEN 30!

October 20, 2023

Happy Friday everyone!

With OPEN 30 just over two weeks away, we cannot wait to show you some of the new WTP Swag items that will be available at the OPEN 30 Swag Store at the event!

You’ve wanted this, and it’s almost here! The classic WTP Hat has been updated with gray brim while maintaining the standard WTP logo you’ve come to know and love. With “America’s #1 Poker League” stitched on the back, you know you’re rocking the genuine article.

They are BACK! These hot-selling hoodies are back once again for OPEN 30. Comfortable, roomy, and perfect for your home game or a cool/cold night at the bar, be sure to get these hoodies right at Registration because they almost surely will sell out again!

And last but not least (there will be MUCH more to come), this WTP Black Fleece Jacket is guaranteed to be an instant hit at OPEN 30. Slick, comfortable, and perfect for almost any occasion, this is an absolute must-have for any member of the WTP Family.

Remember, online sales for Access Passes ends this coming Wednesday, October 25 at 12pm ET. DO NOT MISS OUT on this amazing event!

Thanks everyone!

The Team at World Tavern Poker



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