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Only 8 Days Left: Create Your Online Account NOW for Final 64 Events!

May 11, 2023

Happy Thursday everyone! Please read below for a few updates and details regarding The Final 64 Online Tournaments.

The deadline to create your Online Account is May 19th.

Once that deadline passes, we will be assigning Tournament Tickets based on qualifications. If you do not create an account by the 19th, you will lose the chance to compete in The Final 64. Click here to follow directions to get set up.

If I use my Qualification for the Online Tournament, do I lose it for Vegas in November?

YES. For each qualification you have (TOC, Nationals, and Carryovers) you will get a Ticket to compete in a Final 64 Online Event. It doesn’t mean you have to use them, though. But if you do use your tickets to play in Final 64 events, then those qualifications are gone. It is 100% up to you!

EXAMPLE: John Doe qualified for the National Champ Finals and the National TOC Finals in S2-22/23. He will get two Online tickets for Final 64 events. If he uses one of them for a Final 64 event, he will only have the other to use in Vegas at OPEN 30.

EXAMPLE 2: Jane Doe qualified for the same two Champ events in S2-22/23, but also has National Semifinals and National TOC Semifinals carryovers. She will get 4 tickets for Final 64 events – two for Semi-Final Online events and two for Final Online events. Whatever tickets she does not use will remain available for OPEN 30.

Qualification Tip: If you know you are going to Vegas, save at least one of your Qualifications for November. If you don’t know if you are going to Vegas, then you may want to use your qualification to play Online – once the event in Vegas is over, that qualification is gone!

Please be sure to see ALL the Final 64 event details here. If you have any more questions, please visit

Thanks everyone!

The Team at World Tavern Poker



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