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OPEN 30, Day 4: Poker Gives Dream Team Results! (11/7)

November 7, 2023

The Poker Gives Dream Team event took place on Tuesday, November 7th at OPEN 30 in Las Vegas. 185 players competed for individual and team cashes in this unique event supporting Poker Gives, a Las Vegas-based charity group.

Once all the points were added up, it was the team from the Motor City - TIMMY ALLARD, RON WOOD, JIM PEARCE, and CHRISTOPHER MILES who won the team event. Way to go gents!

In the individual competition, it was TIMMY ALLARD again claiming the victory - well done Timmy!

We're also thrilled to report that thanks to our players' generosity, we managed to raise over $5,000 for Poker Gives - AWESOME all!

The full results are below!

1. Timmy Allard

2. Joy Hamryszak

3. Ron Wood

4. Che Melton

5. Robert Acosta

6. Billy Montesclaros

7. Donald Coleman

8. Dave Simmons

9. Lynne Simpson

10. Nathan Pilkington

11. Jacqueline Pennington

12. Donald Frohwein

13. Michael Cassa

14. Reggie Johnson

15. Vicki Halstead

16. Don Bull

17. Mr. Philip Brereton

18. Jane Goshey

19. Andrew Eckhard

20. Deborah Hawkins

21. Samuel Arwood

22. Joe Bouley

23. Annette Lewis

24. Dewey Collins



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