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OPEN 30, Day 4: WLPC Main Event Results! (11/7)

November 7, 2023

Sometimes it seems like destiny shines on us. Sometimes it just seems like that. For at the final table at the 2023 WLPC Main Event was a truly familiar face in Chris Nunes, one that has been there at least seven times with a victory and two 2nd places since 2014.

Would he be the first to claim the title of WLPC Champion twice?

It was not to be, as London, Ontario's own MIKE MATTE had other designs. Besting a field of 265 players and navigating the final table with skill and quiet determination, Mike turned destiny on its head and earned the victory, plus the over $5,000 cash prize and title of World Champion. Mike is also headed to the World Tavern Poker Hall of Fame!

Here's a photo of the Top 8 finishers from the Final 64 Championship.

Here are the full results:

1. Mike Matte

2. Christopher Nunes

3. Thomas Spano

4. Tim Weisenberger

5. Michael Arnold

6. Jack Houston

7. Ed Mosquera

8. Greg Solano

9. Jeremy McPhearson

10. Janet Hildebrand

11. Wayne Causion

12. Thorsten Peters

13. Bryan Boyd

14. Charles Richards

15. Judy Ratcliffe

16. Brian Krywko

17. Tim Lambiris

18. Jennifer Garlicki

19. Koa Beam

20. Garfield Fretwell

21. Mr. Paul Randall

22. Sevela Fischer

23. Maureen Sands

24. Tyrone Smith

25. Steven Vogel

26. Jan Zachary

27. Jennifer Rozenkowski

28. Christine Johnson

29. Laurie Keene

30. James Gill

31. Viktor Efremov

32. Jeremy Dunn

33. Rodney Lamontagne

34. Donald Frohwein

35. Warren Madison

36. Jesse Lawrence



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