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The Bad Beat Booty Bounty Event at OPEN 30!

October 30, 2023

Happy Monday everyone! We’re just FIVE DAYS AWAY from OPEN 30 in Las Vegas, and now it’s time to talk about some of the great poker tournaments that are going down at The Orleans Casino.

For those that missed its debut last year, the Bad Beat Booty Bounty Tournament was a definite hit and we’re happy to reprise it for OPEN 30!

In the first major event on Day 1 of the OPEN, players buy into the event like they would for any normal Bounty tournament - $25 goes into the Bounty pool and the rest goes towards the prize pool (with the House Cut and Tournament fee deducted as well).

When you knock a player out, you do not receive a bland $25 casino chip – you get to draw for your Bounty right then and there! Prizes can range in value from $5 all the way up to $500!

This continues all the way until the end of the event. So not only do players in the money win cash for their placement, but you can also collect some serious BOOTY along the way. 😊

The Bad Beat Booty Bounty Tournament takes place at OPEN 30 on Saturday, November 4th at 7pm local time. Do not miss this fun and exciting event!

Thanks all,

The Team at World Tavern Poker



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