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Yes – We Are Back In The Ballroom for OPEN 30!

October 6, 2023

Good afternoon everyone,

Sorry for the confusion. We were working on bringing WTP OPEN 30 down to the Orleans Poker Room – however, they are in the middle of remodeling the Food Court and there is too much noise to hear your excitement when you hit that 3-outer on the river to take down a massive pot. 😊


Please note that the one big difference this year will be that drinks (beer and house drinks) will be $5 this year.

Unfortunately, a number of people took a little too much advantage last year by using other player’s passes, leaving the party and going to get ‘free’ drinks, drinking while not playing, etc. So the F&B department at The Orleans had to put in a new policy. But $5 is still incredibly reasonable and we are grateful for your understanding.

Now, let’s finalize your costumes, plan your off-property jaunts, and focus on bringing home some big money Medieval Style at WTP OPEN 30!

Cheers everyone!

Mike Matsinger and the entire WTP Team



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