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The WTP Team Goes To Mohegan Sun Pocono for OPEN 20!

This entry covers the WTP Team as they arrived for OPEN 20 at Mohegan Sun Pocono!

May 15th, 9:59pm: The PIT starts to take shape!

The rest of the WTP Team got underway a hair later than originally scheduled. But once they hit the road, things moved fairly quickly.

Once John, Thomas, and Scott arrived at Mohegan Sun, it was time to unload and start getting things ready.

It may look like a bunch of boxes and suitcases. But inside contains just some of the items that make the OPEN the unique and awesome event it's become.

After dinner, the WTP Team started assembling signage and began building THE PIT, where the Top 24 players in each event will compete to become a Champion.

All that is missing is you!


May 14th, 9:06pm: Mike and John Owens have arrived at Mohegan Sun!

During the trip, Mike offered up a quick guessing game on his Facebook page, telling his friends he'd give away a 'free drink' to the first person who correctly guessed which gas station he stopped at.

John did the driving, although he didn't do much through Washington, DC as a traffic accident slowed their progress.

But the lead team eventually arrived, safe and sound. That means OPEN 20 at Mohegan Sun is almost here! :)


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