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6/15, 5:22pm: We have a winner! Maryland's RICHARD BARTO defeated Virginia's Jesse Colley to win the National Championship Finals at Delaware Park Casino.

Jesse earned himself a $1,500 WSOP Package for the 2nd place finish. Congrats sir!

Richard will take on Duane Hughes from Michigan in a heads-up match for the National Championship Title and compete for $7,500 worth of WSOP packages.

Congrats to ALL who played!

6/15, 5:00pm: We are down to the FINAL 2 PLAYERS! It's Richard Barto from Maryland against Jesse Colley from Virginia in a heads up battle for the win!

3rd Place: Jacqueline Pinnix, Maryland ($1,000 WSOP Package)

4th Place: Edward Moser, New Jersey ($1,000 WSOP Package)

5th Place: Keith Horner, New Jersey ($750 WSOP Package)

5 players remain!

6th Place: RYAN McMANAMY, Pennsylvania ($750 WSOP Package)

7th Place: DARREL MOSER, North Carolina ($500 WSOP Package)

8th Place: HELENA BONNER, North Carolina ($500 WSOP Package)

6/15, 3:30pm: We have our FINAL 8 PLAYERS!!! All those remaining are now guaranteed WSOP Packages. A huge congrats goes out to:

Richard Barto (MD), Helena Bonner (NC), Jesse Colley (VA), Keith Horner (NJ), Ryan McManamy (PA), Darrel Moser (NC), Edward Moser (NJ), Jacqueline Pinnix (MD)

Stay tuned for more updates!

9th through 24th place:

9 Pat Zappavigna NJ

10 Jacob Franchi NJ

11 John Huffstetler NC

12 Scott Wilson MD

13 John Maria NJ

14 Scott Muller VA

15 Barry Henry NJ

16 Tom Tweed NJ

17 Dan Strydio NJ

18 Jonathan Minier NJ

19 Jerry Jarrett VA

20 Richard Wuest NC

21 Debra Shapiro NJ

22 Tim Martin NJ

23 Walter Westbrook NC

24 Michael Scott NC

6/15, 1:40pm: We are now down to 24 players, who have all moved to THE PIT! The remaining players are now taking their group picture and will resume play momentarily.

Stay tuned for more updates!

6/15, 10:45am: We are almost ready for the last leg of the National Championship Finals! 84 players return to the poker room for the shot at WSOP Packages and the trip to Las Vegas to play heads up for the National Title!

6/14, 4:10pm: Flight #1 has been bagged and tagged with 47 players moving on to Day 2! The room has already been reset for Flight #2, with 11 levels on play on tap.

The remaining players from Flight #2 will advance to Day 2 as well, where we will find out who is going to Las Vegas this November!

6/14, 11:30am: Cards are in the air for the National Championship Finals, Flight #1. The poker room at Delaware Park is full of hopefuls all vying for the chance to win their way to Vegas, where they will compete in a heads-up match against Duane Hughes for $7,500 in WSOP Packages!

8:45pm: The National Championship Finals field is set! Action will resume tomorrow with two Finals flights at 11am and 4pm. Stay tuned for more.

1:45pm: The Quarters and Semis Flight #1 are in the books as dozens have advanced to the next stage! Next up is the Semifinals Flight #2 and the Early Strikers Turbo, with the always fun Tag Team Tournamen to follow later tonight.

6/13, 11:35am: The National Quarterfinals and National Semifinals Flight #1 are under way at Delaware Park! Players are competing in shootouts, where the Top 2 players at each table advance.


This is the most prestigious event of them all! The winner at Delaware Park will take on Duane Hughes in Las Vegas this November in a heads up duel for a $5,000 WSOP Package and the title of National Champion!

Check back often in this article for coverage of the Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, the Finals, and THE PIT, where the final 24 players will compete for the $1,000 prize package to Vegas.

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