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After some crazy action at the All-In Or Fold tournament, it was Batt Johnson who came away with the victory after the final 15 players decided to chop the prize pool.

Full results below!

1 Batt Johnson

2 Dawn Smith

3 Bruce Norman

4 Robin Musser

5 Richard Reinhardt

6 David Bottoms

7 Art Korth

8 John Hoffstetler

9 Alice Foradori

10 Michael Scott

11 Richard Gwin

12 Chris Byas

13 Onitt Hernandez

14 Frank Hamsky

15 Andre Brown

6/15, 8:10pm: The action is fast and furious as the lead up event to the Party later tonight sees the field dwindle to a chosen few.

We will have results from the All-In Or Fold tournament shortly!


It's either ALL-IN OR FOLD in this fun tournament at OPEN 20 at Delaware Park. Taking place on Monday, June 15th, you can catch coverage of this event right here in this article.

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