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6/17, 12:00am: It went right up to nearly midnight here at Delaware Park, but it was JOHN SANTA MARIA from the great state of New Jersey who defeated Joshua Oh in a heads up battle to claim the Vegas package, earning the right to face Stephanie Mangum for the $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat!

Huge congrats to all who competed!

2nd place: JOSHUA OH, Virginia

3rd place: JIM "Spiderman" FRANCOVITCH, Maryland

4th place: JOHN GRAUSAM, New Jersey

6/16, 11:03pm: We are now down to our Final 4 Players!!! This means all remaining player are guaranteed to receive a WSOP package!

5th place: LARRY ROBEY, Maryland

6th place: ANNA SAMUELS, Michigan

7th place: BOB FINK, Connecticut

8th place: LEE PERRY, North Carolina

6/16, 10:35pm: We have a FINAL TABLE! 8 players now remain in the National TOC Finals! The Top 4 earn the WSOP Packages, with the winner earning a paid trip to Vegas to play heads up against Stephanie Mangum for the $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat!

9th place: LINDA CARRIER, New Jersey

10th place: PATRICK McDOLE, North Carolina

6/16, 10:10pm: We have just 10 players left!!! 2 more eliminations and we will have a true Top 8 Final Table!

11th place: MICHAEL "JOEY" McCORMICK, Virginia

12th place: DORIS McCARRICK, New Jersey

13th place: SEAN HAMMOND, Maryland

14th place: LaCOUNT YOUNG, Virginia

6/16, 9:45pm: We are down to 14 players! Blinds are 15k/30k, with the average chip stack sitting at just over 175,000 chips.

15th place: BRIAN MERCHANT, Virginia

16th place: CHRISTOPHER MERRICK, New Jersey

17th place: DOUG BYRD, North Carolina

18th place: BOB HOWARD, New Jersey

19th place: BRIAN HOBBS, Virginia

20th place: STEVE VOGEL, New Jersey

21st place: BARRY HENRY, New Jersey

22nd place: DEBBIE PAULEY, North Carolina

23rd place: DAVE SINGH, New Jersey

24th place: JOHN RHODES, SR., Maryland

6/16, 8:25pm: The final 24 players are....

Doug Byrd (NC), Linda Carrier (NJ), Bob Fink (CT), Jim "Spiderman" Francovitch (MD), John Grausam (NJ), Sean Hammond (MD), Barry Henry (NJ), Brian Hobbs (VA), Bob Howard (NJ), Doris McCarrick (NJ), Michael "Joey" McCormick (VA), Patrick McDole (NC), Brian Merchant (VA), Christopher Merrick (NJ), Joshua Oh (VA), Debbie Pauley (NC), Lee Perry (NC), John Rhodes, Sr. (MD), Larry Robey, Sr. (MD), Anna Samuels (MI), John Santa Maria (NJ), Dave Singh (NJ), Steve Vogel (NJ), LaCount Young (VA)

6/16, 8:00pm: And just like that, we have our Top 24 players! It's time for THE PIT!!!

A full list of the remaining players will be posted shortly.

6/16, 7:35pm: 123 players made up the field in the National TOC Finals and we are down to our last 33!

Just like the National Champ Finals, we'lll be updating throughout the event - so stay tuned!

6/16, 11:30am: The National TOC Semifinals Flight #2 is under way at Delaware Park! Dozens are competing in a shootout format to advance to the Finals at 3pm.

Stay tuned for full coverage!


One player will emerge from the field to take on Stephanie Mangum in Las Vegas in a heads up battle for the $10,000 WSOP Main Event seat!

Check back often in this article for coverage of the Semi-Finals, Finals, and THE PIT, where the final 24 players will compete for the $1,000 prize package to Vegas.

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