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You could say that Jason Yoder had a great Tuesday. But that doesn't really do it justice, since it was the last day of OPEN 20 at Delaware Park and most eyes in the poker room were on the final 50 players in the National TOC.

So it was a slightly 'under the radar' Tuesday - for everyone except Jason and those he played with.

"It feels good. Really good."

Jason isn't one who drones on and on. He's to the point, and he made quite the point by winning two tournaments in the same OPEN event. But not only that; he won them both on the same day, which is one of the rarest of rare feats to accomplish at a World Tavern Poker OPEN.

He didn't have much of a gameplan heading into the first event on that Tuesday. The aptly named 'Home Stretch' tournament, which started at 12:00pm, would see 48 players test their skills against their fellow WTP'er.

Jason knew he had a chance, but it wasn't like he wasn't channeling his inner Phil Hellmuth or Doyle Brunson.

"When you are catching cards it makes everything a lot easier," said Jason in a post-win interview. "Because I was. I really was."

When the action boiled down to the last few players in the Home Stretch, a chop was arranged. But it was clear who had the decided advantage had the game progressed.

Jason's chip stack became ridiculous, tempting passers by to simply touch his mammoth assembly of chips to see the ensuing avalanche.

It was the same way in the Last Chance Turbo event, where another 41 players vyed for a final shot at victory. But Jason would not cooperate with their intended plans. Even so, he was respectful despite having monsterous leads in both events when a deal for the remaining prize pool was decided.

"I'm here to have a good time. I was chip leader in the (Home Stretch) and we chopped. These events are for all (World Tavern Poker) players, so why not? We're here to have fun."

So while he didn't take the poker room by storm with wild celebrations, he does earn a place in OPEN history. But to Jason, he may be more concerned with his fate at his local World Tavern bar the rest of this season.

"I think all of my mojo may have been left in Delaware," he quips. "But, if I start catching cards again, first place here I come."

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