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Complete! Double Shot Event Results

PEYTON JONES is your first winner at OPEN 21 as he took the bigger share of a 5-way chop in the wee hours of Saturday morning in the Double Shot Championship!

Full 'in the money' results here:

1 Peyton Jones NC

2 Lex Wilkinson PA

3 Dana Sanchez CA (West Coast Poker League)

4 Robert White AR

5 Vinnie Barot NJ

6 Bill Lamphier NY

7 Sue Beaudrow NJ

8 Mark Weaver PA

9 Kenneth Benton GA

10 Cindy Solomita NY

11 David Weimer PA

12 Dave Solomita NY

13 James Hilliker PA

14 Matt McCarthy NJ

15 John Turpin MO (Missouri Poker Legends)

16 Ed Cordes SC

17 Kenneth Stearns NC

18 Denise Barnes VA

19 Carl Smanaj VA

20 Dave Danchak NJ

21 Dwight Myers PA

UPDATE! 12:52am PST: It's almost 4am on the East Coast and we are down to less than 50 players! The Top 21 spots will pay, with the winner slated to earn a little more than $2,100!

The Double Shot Championship has begun! The debut cash tournament at OPEN 21 had 159 entrants, and is currently on break with just over 100 players remaining.

All players still in the tournament who have yet to use their 'double shot' will earn 10,000 extra chips! Be sure to stay tuned for results and photos from this event.

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