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​We have a new World League Poker Champion! JACOB MILLER from New York bested Chris Nunes in a heads up battle to become the new WLPC Champion!

Jacob, a World Tavern Poker player from New York, came into the final table with a decent chip lead over his opponents. Chris, a West Coast Poker League member from California, was a short stack with just less than 5 big blinds. But both manuevered their way to the end, and as heads up play began, the chip counts (4.7 million to 4.4 million) were virtually identical.

Congrats to the nearly 300 players from all across the world who competed in this event! Two players from Redtooth Poker cashed in the WLPC, and several from other leagues (including World Tavern Poker) also made the money.

Here are your final 8 from the WLPC:

1 Jacob Miller NY

2 Chris Nunes CA

3 Neil Brimat NJ

4 Edwin Del Valle PA

5 Vinnie Barod NJ

6 Ed Luipersbeck NJ

7 Brian Kelly MI

8 Roger Bennett MD

UPDATE: We have 8 players left in the WLPC! Here are the remaining players with their chip counts - play will resume at 5pm PST on Tuesday.

Jacob Miller, NY -- 4,165,000 chips

Ed Luipersbeck, NJ -- 1,170,000 chips

Vinnie Barod, NJ -- 1,075,000 chips

Brian Kelly, MI -- 850,000 chips

Edwin Del Valle, PA -- 770,000 chips

Roger Bennett, MD -- 715,000 chips

Chris Nunes, CA -- 470,000 chips

Neil Brimat, NJ -- 340,000 chips

This is Chris Nunes' 2nd WLPC Final Table in as many years! Be sure to watch live broadcast updates on Periscope later today.

UPDATE: An incredible 297 players took part in the WLPC, with 48 places being paid out. Redtooth Poker had two players make the money, with West Coast Poker's Chris Nunes surviving to Day 2.

Below are finishing positions for 9th thru 48th place:

9 Osei Ampadu

10 C. Ganto

11 Ted Lopez

12 Matt McCarthy

13 Kevin Ferry

14 Casey Perry

15 Chris Kanazo

16 David Bonomo

17 Curtis Boyer

18 Gilbert Garay

19 Dana Sanchez

20 Catherine Powell

21 Edgar Lopez

22 John McClain

23 Richard Abraham

24 Terry Pitman

25 Dan Frohweina

26 Rodney Sams

27 Robert O'Neil

28 Ed Cordes

29 Ken Rutherford

30 Alan Ellis

31 Chris Fuller

32 John Santa Maria

33 Shannon Shipley

34 Marcia Weisberg

35 Louise Naples

36 Gary Wilkinson

37 Nancy Soares

38 Jill Levine

39 Dave Solomita

40 Gary Pope

41 Phil Daleo

42 Robert Webber

43 Barbara Capron

44 Sue Beaudrow

45 Carol Witherspoon

46 Kenneth Stearns

47 Lanny Noto

48 Carl Morgan


Stay tuned for photos, results, and updates of all the action from the WORLD LEAGUE POKER CHAMPIONSHIPS (Days 1 and 2) at OPEN 21 in Las Vegas!

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