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COMPLETE! Deep Stack Championship

ALL FINISHED! The Deep Stack Players Championship is in the books as Rachel Benlisa from New Jersey emerged as the winner, besting Jason Shapiro in a heads up battle for the title.

Full results are below!

1 Rachel Benlisa

2 Jason Shapiro

3 Richard Demers

4 Dave Paminiano

5 Ann Martin

6 Jesse Colley

7 Allen Dellinger

8 Roger Ritchey

9 Dana Rupert

10 Roger Downes

11 Tery Felrice

12 Chris Pawenski

13 Mark Weaver

14 Chris Rhew

15 Stephen McCullen

16 Jonathan Schetro

17 Robert Thomas

18 Gary Ives

19 Bob Boesl

20 Sheryl Dorsey

21 Jon Lensch

22 Randy Kowaleski

23 David Tremblay

24 Cindy Moses

25 Greg Bender

26 Burke Winn

27 James Senters

28 James Cavendis

29 Keith Decher

30 James McKnight

UPDATE!!! The Deep Stack Players Championship is underway with 239 players taking part! Stay tuned for full results.

Tons of chips and plenty of action will be had in the Deep Stack Players Championship. Stay tuned for all the results, photos, and much more from OPEN 22 at Mohegan Sun Pocono.


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