Ultimate Bounty Tournament #2 (May 23rd)

The second of two Ultimate Bounty Tournaments, where players received $25 Casino Chips for knocking out their opponents, took place at the OPEN 25 Silver Celebration. It was DAN WILCOX from Maryland taking it down after a chop among the final players. Way to go Dan!

Here are the full results:

1. Dan Wilcox

2. Bryan Boyd

3. William Lewandowski

4. Cindy Moses

5. Linda Vaughan

6. Elizabeth Williamson

7. Ronald Jakubowski

8. Kamil Olchowka

9. Cliff Alvaz

10. William Kunz

11. Al Shapiro

12. George Payne

13. Jason Hartle

14. Jack Houston

15. Robert Malkus

16. Thomas Monaco

17. Thomas Filipiak

18. Michelle Hamilton

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