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Bounty Tournament 1 (Nov. 4)

The first of two Bounty Tournaments at the 2018 World League Poker Championships. In this event, it was DAVID SWENOR from Alaska who earned the plaque after a 9-way chop at the final table. Great job David!

Here are the full "in the money" results:

1. David Swenor

2. Andrew Eckhard

3. Brian Mullins

4. Edward Galvez

5. Keith Fieldor

6. Vickie Griffith

7. Chris Jose

8. Michael Cassa

9. Cliff Aivaz

10. Arthur Williams

11. Carl Smahaj

12. Kenneth Morris

13. Tom O'Connor

14. Don Whittmeyer

15. John Turpin

16. Alison Leivers

17. Lloyd Hooks

18. Adilya Akimniyazova


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