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WLPC International Cup Event (Nov. 6)

After a hard-fought battle at the tables, it was Team USA retaining the WLPC International Cup at the 2018 World League Poker Championships! Winning the Cup for the US was World Tavern Poker's COREY GUTILLA from Pennsylvania, defeating the field of 24 to become a WLPC International Cup Champion!

Great job to West Coast Poker League's Alexandra Monroy from California, who finished in 2nd place. Team Great Britain fielded four of their eight players at the final table, but it was Alan Findlay who was tops for Team GB in 3rd place.

Here are the full results:

1. Corey Gutilla, USA

2. Alexandra Monroy, USA

3. Alan Findlay, GB

4. Wayne Causion, USA

5. Les Parmenter, GB

6. Andy Leivers, GB

7. Glenn Brown, GB

8. Nancy Blackall, CAN

9. Fred Payne, GB

10. Barry Davis, GB

11. Charles Anderson, USA

12. Judy Schaffner, CAN

13. Mark Castelein, CAN

14. Chris Nunes, USA

15. Richy Mackey, GB

16. Kim Mercer, USA

17. Trish Sutton, CAN

18. Greg Russell, USA

19. Mike Matte, CAN

20. Donna Kirby, CAN

21. John Garlick, CAN

22. Albert Wong, CAN

23. O'Bryan Mullins, USA

24. Alison Leivers, GB


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