WLPC Main Event (Nov. 5-6)

The two-day WLPC Main Event saw a NEW World Champion crowned at the 2018 World League Poker Championships. It was Great Britain's ALISON LEIVERS who earned the huge cash prize, the trophy, and the title of World Champion. Way to go Alison!

Here is the full "in the money" results:

1. Alison Leivers, GB

2. Wayne Causion, MD

3. Greg Russell, NC

4. Charles Anderson, NC

5. O'Bryan Mullins, TX

6. Mike Matte, CAN

7. Corey Gutilla, PA

8. Frederick Payne, GB

9. Richy Mackey, GB

10. Alexandra Monroy, CA

11. Les Parmenter, GB

12. Michelle Taylor, IN

13. John Mason, NC

14. Barry Davis, GB

15. Steve Vogel, NJ

16. Kate Harmon, CA

17. Jeff Wilson, TX

18. Mike Cable, NC

19. Andrew Leivers, GB

20. Chris Malone, MO

21. Alan Findlay, GB

22. Kevin Scott, GB

23. Tom Eckhard, MO

24. Jeff Crane

25. Anthony Milano

26. Daryl Buchanan

27. Michelle Brinks

28. Venkatesh Chari

29. Bill Lewandowski

30. Mark Natranga

31. Brandon Sargent

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