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WTP National TOC Finals (Nov. 4)

The World Tavern Poker National TOC Finals saw one player emerge with a $10,000 Main Event seat at the 2018 World League Poker Championships. After a 12.5 hour battle, it was DENNIS HAYES from Wyoming, Michigan who earned the Main Event seat, along with the trophy and all the accolades of being the NEW World Tavern Poker National TOC Champion!

285 players took part, with 8 earning Major Event packages. Here are your top 8 players!

1. DENNIS HAYES, Michigan

2. Rodney Lamontagne, New Hampshire

3. Austin Boynes, Maryland

4. Tim Weisenberger, Michigan

5. Wesley Hyman, North Carolina

6. Ray Wise, Pennsylvania

7. Troy Rose, North Carolina

8. Neil Brimat, New Jersey


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