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Ultimate Bounty Tournament #1

The first of two Ultimate Bounty tournaments, over 200 players took part in the first cash tournament of OPEN 26! 24 places paid, with a 12-way chop finishing up the action just before 1:00am.

It was JEREMY DUNN taking the victory, having just a 5,000-chip lead to earn the plaque as the Ultimate Bounty champion. Great job Jeremy, and well done to all who cashed!

1. Jeremy Dunn

2. Jody Tourville

3. James Button

4. Cliff Aivaz

5. Bill Harris

6. Chrissy Richardson

7. Phil Melesky

8. Rachel Turner

9. Patrick Hamilton

10. George Messmore

11. Dave Vespoli

12. Walter Westbrook

13. William Hayden

14. Glenn Davis

15. Ronald Varrlow

16. Scott Muller

17. Bryndon Cheng

18. Dave Paminiano

19. Linda Vaughan

20. Kevin O'Grady

21. Mary Miller

22. Steven Markle

23. Chris Bender

24. Glenn Galloway, Jr.


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