Ultimate Bounty Tournament #2

The second of two Ultimate Bounty tournaments at OPEN 26, players competed for cash payouts and earned an extra $25 (casino chip) for knocking out players during the event.

After a final-table chop, it was JEFF SHUMATE who emerged victorious to claim the plaque as the player with the most chips. Great job Jeff!

Here are the full results:

1. Jeff Shumate

2. Anne Kensek

3. Robert Martin

4. Roland Belles

5. Annette Lewis

6. Ted Lopez

7. Rodney Sams

8. Natasha Vasilev

9. Anthony Malorano

10. Howard Haas

11. Rock Mrazek

12. Andrew Brunk

13. Donald Racine

14. Gene Lee

15. Daniel Broyles

16. Michael Reede

17. Neil Suhr

18. James Gill

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