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Hollywood Dream Team Tournament

For the first time on the East Coast, the Dream Team concept took place at OPEN 26! Dubbed the "Hollywood" Dream Team Tournament, over 220 players assembled four-person teams and earned points based on the blind level when they were knocked out.

In the team competition, it was TEAM HIGH SOCIETY (Jim Anderson, Candi Dillman, Dan Wilcox, and Darren Trovinger) who earned the $1,000 set aside from the prize pool. Way to go folks!

In the individual competition, it was COREY GUTILLA who took the victory in a two-way chop. Corey bested Mr. Robert Keeley with more chips when they got heads up to emerge victorious.

Here are the full individual results:

1. Corey Gutilla

2. Robert Keeley

3. Tammy Garrett

4. Mike Heagerty

5. Rodney Lamontagne

6. Michael Brady

7. Trishna Kresslein

8. Elena Currence

9. Darren Trovinger

10. Dede Bertrand

11. Andrew Miller

12. Cory Calabretta

13. Rock Mrazek

14. Brady Colton

15. Sherri Miller

16. Adam Travan

17. Randy Matthews

18. Jim McDaniel

19. Charlie Starlecki

20. Andrew Thompson

21. Joe Schultz

22. Michelle Booth

23. Coach Hayden

24. Todd Nasby


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