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Bounty Tournament #1

The first of two Bounty Tournaments at the 2019 WLPC. The 2nd cash tournament to go wire to wire with no chop, it was LESLIE REED from New York who took down the victory, besting a field of 177 players. Great job Leslie!

Here are the full "in the money" results:

1. Leslie Reed

2. Keith Decher

3. Davis Hansen

4. Jacqueline Pennington

5. Roderick Daniels

6. Andrew Eckhard

7. Jack Fletcher

8. Kevin Barriga

9. Chris Nunes

10. Andrew Leivers

11. Andrew Miller

12. Mike Bakaysa

13. Ronald Belles

14. Carl Smahaj

15. John Mason

16. Allison Bradbrook

17. Lucas Miller

18. Tim Niles

19. Eric Walker

20. Joreen Harris

21. Robin Cartwright

22. Janet Indermuehle


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