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WTP National Championship Finals

The two-day WTP National Championship Finals 290 players compete over two days for the title of NEW National Champion (plus a $5,000 WSOP Package and more) at the 2019 WLPC. After almost six hours of play on Day 2, it was CORY MULLER from Virginia who came away with a hard-fought victory, becoming the NEW National Champion. Great job Cory!

Big congrats as well to George Cline from Michigan (2nd place) and Brian Merchant (3rd place) - great run guys!


2. George Cline, MI

3. Brian Merchant, VA

4. Robert Webber, NC

5. Bill Harris, NC

6. Koa Beam, PA

7. William Edwards, NM

8. Bill Lesiak, NJ

9. DW Mavrelis, NC

10. Tonya Daugherty, NC

11. Rick Schwerdt, NJ

12. Rick Anderson, NC

13. Osei Ampadu, VA

14. Rosemary Wong, MD

15. Dave Head, VA

16. Charles Richards, MI

17. Pamela Knudsen, AK

18. John Heneghan, NY

19. Stephanie Mulvehill, PA

20. Larry Schwartz, MD

21. Ray Wise, PA

22. Teresa Filipelli, PA

23. Barbara Eiler, NC

24. Joseph Cacsire, NY


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