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Poker Gives Dream Team Tournament

The Poker Gives Dream Team Tournament saw individuals and teams competing and raising money for a great cause at the 2019 WLPC. Players from all participating leagues contributed over $2,600 in donations and through the additional $10 add-on to this amazing organization - GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!

It was Team GB through and through as BARRY MATTHEWS from Great Britain took home the individual player victory with a field of 163 competitiors. Great job sir!

On the team side of the event, it was Team "SHOW ME THE NUTS" from the Snowman Poker League in Texas that earned victory and a cool $1,000 to split among themselves. Congrats to Don Frohwein, Gaye, Frohwein, Andrew Eckhard, and Tom Eckhard on being the best team of the tournament!

Here are the full individual results:

1. Barry Matthews

2. Roderick Daniels

3. Allison Bradbrook

4. Don Frohwein

5. Emily Glancy

6. Andrew Eckhard

7. Keith Bacon

8. Nicolas Quinones

9. Bill Brox

10. Ron Jakubowski

11. Ann Martin

12. Chris Hebert

13. Joreen Harris

14. Kim Mercer

15. Linda Lewis

16. Nancy Blackall

17. Rodney Sams

18. Philip Griffith


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