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Bounty Tournament #2

The second of two Bounty Tournaments at the 2019 WLPC. With a nice field of 139 players, it was Virginia's ADAM NATHAN who secured the victory after a final-table chop left him in the chip lead. Great job Adam!

Here are the full results:

1. Adam Nathan

2. Andrew Leivers

3. Rance Strausbaugh

4. Theresa Brown

5. Scott Harris

6. Jeannette Bloedorn

7. Andrew Krassowski

8. Keith Decher

9. Doug Justus

10. Tim Lambiris

11. Mary Kubeny

12. Brenda Brewer

13. Mark Lovern

14. Chris Cronin

15. John Mason

16. David Watson

17. Denise Aivaz

18. Wayne Litwin


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