Deep Stack Players Championship

Players have more chips to move up the ranks in the Deep Stack Players Championship at the 2019 WLPC. With a field of 141 players, it was North Carolina's EUGENE KING that took the victory, emerging with the most chips after a 13-way chop. Great job Eugene, our new Players Champion, and to everyone who cashed!

Full results are listed below.

1. Eugene King

2. Thomas O'Connor

3. Roberta Roberts

4. Jacqueline Pennington

5. Gerald Taylor

6. Bob Boesl

7. Cory Muiler

8. Denise Aivaz

9. Steven Wannall

10. Virginia Fielder

11. Christopher Miles

12. David Swenor

13. Albert Wong

14. James Parker

15. Patrick Bradley

16. Christopher Malone

17. Ethan Knaub

18. Peter Geraci

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