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WLPC International Cup

Three countries competed for supremacy and the ultimate bragging rights (along with an awesome trophy) in the WLPC International Cup at the 2019 WLPC. With Team Great Britain, Team Canada, and Team USA in the house, it was the United States thanks to Missouri Poker Legends owner JOHN TURPIN who kept the Cup in America for the next year.

Great job to everyone who competed in this event. As usual, it was a festive and fun atmosphere!

Here are the full results:

1. John Turpin, USA

2. Corrina Matteliano, CAN

3. Chris Rudd, GB

4. Dave Potter, GB

5. Ty Smith, USA

6. Chris Byrne, GB

7. Steven Salinas, USA

8. Dafydd Joseph, GB

9. John Garlicki, CAN

10. John Jackson, GB

11. Judy Schaffner, CAN

12. Nancy Blackall, CAN

13. Roger Penny, USA

14. Chris Jensen, CAN

15. Chris Nunes, USA

16. Kim Mercer, USA

17. Mike Matte, CAN

18. Julian Varney, GB

19. Anthony Gilchrist, GB

20. Cory Gutilla, USA

21. Emily Glancy, GB

22. Jen Garlicki, CAN

23. Ray Wise, USA

24. Lisa Clayton, CAN


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