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WLPC Main Event

This is the BIG one. The two-day Main Event of the World League Poker Championships saw 275 players from six leagues and three countries competing to become a World Champion.

At the end of Tuesday's Day 2 action, it was Texas' Ty Smith representing the Snowman Poker League who emerged victorious after a brief but spirited heads-up battle with former WLPC World Champion Chris Nunes.

Congrats to ALL of the 40 players who cashed in this event, and to our NEW WLPC Champion!

1st through 24th place:

1. Ty Smith, TX

2. Chris Nunes, CA

3. Roger Penny, MO

4. John Turpin, MO

5. Steven Salinas, IN

6. Ray Wise, PA

7. Emily Glancy, GB

8. Charles Anderson, NC

9. Julian Varney, GB

10. Ethan Knaub, PA

11. Gaye Frohwein, MO

12. Larry Sigmon, NC

13. Tom O'Connor, TX

14. Darrell Savage, TX

15. Barbara Russell, TX

16. Chris Rudd, GB

17. David Potter, GB

18. Butch Evans, MD

19. John Jackson, GB

20. Howard Hass, CT

21. Denise Aivaz, CT

22. Jack Houston, PA

23. Allen Jack, TX

24. Joreen Harris, AK

25th through 40th place:

25. Anthony Maiorano

26. Dafydd Joseph

27. Allen Gilchrist

28. Barbara Loeffler

29. Vickie Griffith

30. Thomas Sears

31. Andrew Eckhard

32. Corinna Matteliano

33. Chris Byrne

34. Johnny Woodbury

35. Keith Bacon

36. Rod Sams

37. Lisa Clayton

38. Richard Wuest

39. Chris Malone

40. Janet Indermuehle


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