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Another Weekend of Triple Crown Qualifiers!

July 31, 2023

Happy Monday everyone!

Let’s give a big CONGRATS to our next group of players that have qualified for the online Triple Crown Championship, which will be taking place in September! Remember, a Top 3 finish in any WTP Online game on any Triple Crown day earns you a Triple Crown medallion AND a seat to the online Triple Crown Championship event, where the Top 24 players will earn a package of Championship Final qualifications for OPEN 30 in Las Vegas! All the Triple Crown details: WTP Online Schedule (including future Triple Crown days!) Here are the next qualifiers from this past Sunday’s Triple Crown Day. Congrats all! 😊

Rob Bates - Acesnutz

Bob Clayton - BobClayton

George Lopez - cowboyup

Donnell Oliver - Donnello

Frank Butler - FrankieB23

Gary Thurmond - Gman1956

Jake Hurley - Jahurley

Justin LeFevre - JTMan21

Thomas Smith - K7X

Don Guiton - lumber557

Mike Aiani - maiani017

Kenny Hall - niksheken

Charles Thompson - Rainyday8

Peter Conrad - repete

Rance Strausbaugh - rgsay

Sharon Adawin - SEA

Patricia Baress - Silk19596

Roger Cox - Supercox

Tim Bloedorn - tcb1969cf

Joyce Leary - TEDDIBARE

Teresa Castaldo - TeeC

Paul Godwin - THEGHOST

Dave George - THUNDER1890

Mary Beth - Tupelohoney

Tammy Cryder - TwinkleToes

Johnny Calabro - UberJohnny

We hope you all have a GREAT week!

The Team at World Tavern Poker



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