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Bounty Chips and 400/800 is Back!

Aug 7, 2023

Happy Monday everyone – and WELCOME TO A NEW SEASON of World Tavern Poker!

Some exciting news as we begin the new season. All venues received WTP Bounty chips in their promo packs a few weeks ago. This means TDs have the option of adding a Bounty element to your games!

We’ve added how this works on our TD Training Guide – you can read it in full at the link below. But in basic terms, players can earn these Bounty chips by knocking out other players and get extra chips at the Final Table for each Bounty earned!

TD’s, you’ll be receiving a TD Newsletter about this in greater detail this week. 😊

DETAILS (scroll to Bounties section):

Be sure to discuss this with your tournament directors at your games this week. TD’s, this is a great way to keep your games lively and fun!

Finally, we’ve added the 400/800 level back into our blind structure! This allows a little more time before the first chip up while keeping blind times consistent throughout the game.

Now, there’s no need to run lower blind times as the game progresses. The only exception is when a final table has both a permanent dealer and shuffler – then and only then can blind times be lowered.

All details on this are here:

As always, if you need any assistance, be sure to use the WTP Help Center (click here). We hope you all have a GREAT start to the new season.


The Team at World Tavern Poker


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